Graduateland is a Copenhagen-based technology company with one mission: To kickstart great careers!

We bridge the gap between students & graduates on one side, and employers on the other, and the stuff that makes up the rope, boards, and sailor knots is a combination of an abundance of relevant jobs and internships, career promoting articles, and tools to facilitate engagement between the different parties on our career portals.

The idea of Graduateland was initially born to solve a problem we were facing ourselves as students – how to get an overview of international career opportunities, and make it easier for ambitious and internationally-minded students to make smarter career decisions.

This is still the issue we’re dealing with. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and honestly there is nothing better than when we hear of people who have landed their dream job via one of our portals. That makes it all worth it – all the long hours that have been put into this adventure.

The Graduateland Blog is where we communicate as a company. We may tell stories of what’s going on behind the curtain at the headquarters in Copenhagen, we may share our opinions about trending topics, or generally just keep anyone interested updated on what we’re up to.

Feel free to comment on blog posts and share your thoughts.

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