Finally! Uni of Copenhagen is part of the Graduateland Network from Jan ’17

It is with super excitement that we’re welcoming the University of Copenhagen into the Graduateland family.

Graduateland will be operating the official career portal of the University of Copenhagen from January 2017, and +40.000 students from Denmark’s by far oldest and most prominent university will be within reach, covering a wide spectrum of academic fields.

This truly adds value to anybody who recruits in Copenhagen, across Denmark, across Scandinavia, or across Europe. Well, just about anybody who wants to recruit fantastic students and graduates from one of Europe’s top universities. We look forward to helping you get in touch with your next employee.


That was the short version. If you’re a busy recruiter you can consider the main points acknowledged and continue the day’s task of recruiting some great talent.

If you have already swung up your legs to the desk with your latte-mochaccino within reach, feel free to linger a little longer, and allow me to elaborate a bit.


A little piece of history

As it turns out, this is not the first time we have tried to partner up with the University of Copenhagen (KU). While our startup was still in its toddler stage we actually bid on the portal – this was back in the dark ages of 2011. As any other opportunistic entrepreneur, you throw yourself into the deep end of the pool and hope for the best. Back then we did not convince KU that we would be the best career portal supplier, and in hindsight, I do not blame them. However, back then we were grinding our teeth in disappointment.

Not discouraged we continued to tour Scandinavia with our PowerPoint presentations and Copenhagen Business School and Lund University became partners during the following months.

Suddenly, we had cases to show, and, naturally, we kept tabs on when KU would open the window for a new career portal partner. That took 5 years. But here we are now.

Consequently, most of my vacation on Bali was spent behind the screen, though still with a great view.

We believe that welcoming KU into the Graduateland Network will dial up our capabilities and position ourselves as the obvious go-to-place for recruiters on the lookout for university talent – especially when it comes to recruitment in Scandinavia.

Where our initial Danish partner, Copenhagen Business School, not surprisingly educates candidates within business administration, finance, marketing etc. the focus of KU is much wider, and we will be adding several new academic fields to the mix. These include computer science, law, political science, life sciences, medicine, pharmacology, humanities, languages and more.

Previously, these academic fields have been covered by our university partners in Sweden, the Benelux, the UK, and candidates that have been signing up via, but partnering up with KU will no doubt increase the amount and diversity of accessible university talent for companies.

All in all – great news for companies that recruit Danish students and graduates with an international mindset.